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Montage Reentry Solutions (MRS) is a social enterprise consultancy that provides information, advice, and resources focused on reentry.  We partner with non-profits and government agencies to help integrate ex-offenders and former addicts back into society.  We aim to “connect the dots” that make reentry possible. Principal and program manager Rocky DeYoung brings decades of reentry, recovery, and criminal justice experience to MRS.


MMS is involved in three primary reentry areas:


Pre-Release:  We facilitate reentry programming for inmates inside correctional facilities, so they can hit the ground running when they are released.


Just-Released:  We recruit and develop volunteer mentors to help individuals navigate the barriers they encounter after release. One of our projects is managing the mentoring program for participants in the Minnesota Federal Reentry Court.


Post-Release:  We continue to develop a network of businesses that can provide employment opportunities for ex-offenders."




MRS offers reentry curriculum that spans a broad variety of topics.  Rocky DeYoung can host classroom experiences in any of our course areas, or MRS can make the materials available to your organization to customize as you need.


MRS also offers some of our most popular seminars and classroom content as virtual courses.


MRS offers an on-line resource directory of organizations that provide reentry services, as well as reentry-oriented employers seeking to connect with the reentry community.



Mentoring is critical to developing pathways to reentry by pairing ex-offenders with individuals who serve as role-models and guides.  MRS is a source for in-depth training and curriculum on how to mentor, how to support mentors, and how to manage the process.  Topics include Understanding Client Needs and Motivations; Assessing and Working with Different Risk Levels; and Avoiding Burn-Out.  We can provide training on a one-to-one or group basis.

MRS offers video curriculum for training new mentors.  The curriculum features discussions with both mentors and formerly incarcerated individuals who can speak to the value of the mentoring experience.


MRS can assist with the task of finding volunteer mentors to pair with individuals emerging from prison or chemical dependency programs.  We have access to networks of mentors at all levels of experience, and can match people to your agency's specific needs.  Getting volunteers engaged is a key element of this process, and giving them the know-how and opportunity to engage in this work creates powerful, collective impacts.


Rocky DeYoung is a qualified instructor in moral recognition therapy - a cognitive-based therapy that helps ex-offenders change their thinking as it pertains to moral and ethical choices.  While a facilitator organizes MRT groups, the participants run the groups and votes on the progress of their peers.  We can help equip your staff with this transformative tool.


We help to connect employers with prospective employees coming out of recovery and reentry programs.  We are able to screen candidates and refer qualified and proven individuals into the work opportunities that fit them - and their prospective employers - best.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that marries the social mission of a nonprofit with the market-driven approach of a business.  We use the entrepreneurial method to accomplish the social goal of helping individuals released from incarceration to make the successful transition to responsible, productive citizens.  This mission work is called “reentry.”  Our operation is made possible through fees we charge for reentry services, reentry product sales, and pro bono support from volunteers and our sister company Montage Marketing Services.



Program manager Rocky DeYoung has had an extensive career in the criminal justice and reentry fields, with more than 25 years of experience working in state prisons and the federal probation system.  Prior to that, he spent a decade in social service work on three separate continents. Rocky's diverse professional background kindled his desire to help people overcome challenges, and improve their lives.  Rocky brings unique experience to MRS, and a broad-based network that includes contacts in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

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